Kevin Moore
Crocodiles in Cream
Review of Kevin Moore in Crocodiles in Cream
From Bandersnatch, The newsletter of The Lewis Carroll Society

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  I first saw Kevin Moore in Crocodiles in Cream some years ago in Covent Garden. It is a one-man show written by David Horlock, drawing from Lewis Carroll's letters, diaries, poems and stories. All the words are Lewis Carroll's, but the order and juxtaposition is Horlock's. It is a masterful construction, bringing together common themes that exist, but may otherwise be missed, in both Carroll's domestic and his fantasy writings. It required a painstaking and sympathetic author who knew his subject well.
  The production is still fresh and compelling. Kevin Moore brings to the performance a supreme command of the work and the stage. Utterly believable as the confident writer but insecure man, he forces the audience through the humour, the elation and the despair of Carroll's friendships with children and his relationships with adults. He is able to chart the mood swings, gradual or sudden, to make us laugh at jokes some of us know by heart, and enhance Carroll's reputation while he confirms his own.