Kevin Moore

Technical Notes

Technical Requirements:



General warm cover plus 3 downstage special


SQ's will be provided on CD, Mini-Disc 


1 Victorian armchair (wing/club or button-back)
1 Standing Desk (4 to 4.5 foot high)
1 Good sized rug (14ft by 20ft)
1 Small side table (oval, square or round - optional)
1 Stool (piano type would do)
1 Coat rack or dining chair
Click Here for furniture plan

If possible the furniture should suggest an Oxford Don's room of the 1880s. 

Click Here to see examples of suitable stage furniture

Running Time:

There are two versions of the performance:
The extended version lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes including interval or the shortened version lasts 50 minutes without interval

Cue List:

Click Here for a downloadable Word Document containing the full Cue List