Kevin Moore


Bournemouth Daily Echo:

 "A fascinating insight into the writer's often-disturbing private realm. "

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What's On:

 "Words really do speak volumes in this compelling story of English eccentricity. A gem."

Oxford Times Weekend:

"[includes] a dazzling series of extracts from Carroll's work"

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Hollywood Gazette:

"astonishingly refreshing and beautifully written"

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The Lewis Carroll Society Newsletter

"a supreme command of the work and the stage"

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Stratford Herald

"A sensitive Moving Portrayal. Moore was splendid."

Salisbury Journal

 "Kevin Moore in a brilliant performance."

Time Out

 "The mood of the piece - warm, delicate and sepia-hued - lingers long in the memory."

The Stage:

 "Moore is supremely entertaining, A masterful piece of work."

Bermuda Gazette:

 "Fascinating ... a spellbinding performance."

Los Angeles Weekly:

 "Moore is exquisitely engaging ... moved to laughter and tears ... scintillating ... bitter and biting wit ..." (Dorset community magazine):

 "A study in sensitivity and frustration ... labelled a one-man play, this was much more than that. "

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